myAirline welcomes South Sudan. The new nation will have the airports present in its territory previously assigned to Sudan. The new nation will be part of Central Africa.

New nation


In the new version on myairline.org, flights will be generated that were previously not allowed due to a code-side problem. In fact, in the airports in the extreme east (180 ° latitude) and those to the extreme west (-180 ° latitude) flights could only be generated towards the opposite side. From today it will be possible to cross the hemisphere, and it will be possible to find flights such as from Fiji to the USA that were previously impossible.

End of the flat earth


A new version of myairline is available at www.myairline.org . To log in, you need to retrieve your credentials from the registration email address and then you can re-enter the game using the same data on www.myairline.it. The new version will soon become the final one. Everything that was in flash has been turned into javascript, so it works on the new site!

New version of myairline: www.myairline.org


Following an update of Flash Player, some premium features no longer worked. Seven days of subscription to all active premium users have been resolved.

Fixed problems with Flash Player.


183 new airports in the China:

  1. 6 International Airports
  2. 35 National Airports
  3. 142 Local Airports
A special thanks to Fegatto for cooperation.

New airports in China


188 new airports in the Russian Federation:

  1. 4 International Airports
  2. 40 National Airports
  3. 144 Local Airports
A special thanks to Fegatto for cooperation.

New airports in Russian Federation


Tupolev - TU-144 (cat. H) Edizione Limitata: solo 15 only available

Aérospatiale-BAC - Concorde (cat. H): only 15 available

Models limited edition


myAirline's Staff decided to introduce new models of planes:

  1. General Avia - F.22-B Pinguino (cat. A)
  2. Aircraft Spruce & Speciality Co. - Cozy MK IV (cat. B)
  3. Let Aircraft - L-200 Morava (cat. C)
  4. Morane-Saulnier - MS.760 Paris II (cat. D)
  5. Handley Page - HP.137 - Jetstream (cat. E)
  6. British Aerospace - Jetstream 41 (cat. F)
  7. Bombardier - DHC 8-300 (cat. G)
  8. Airbus - A330-300 (cat. H)
  9. Boeing - B777-300ER (cat. J)

New Models


An important change is active from today: the round trip flight! When you book a commission you'll have the chance (if any) to take over at once both the outward and return. Basically, round trip flights are available when in the second airport there is a flight that brings you back to the first airport. Clearly the fees for arrival will differ from those for the return, so the aircraft that you0re going to use has to be eligible to complete both flights.

When you book a round trip flight you have to do a discount to the customer. The amount of a commission earned from the round trip will be the sum of the first amount and the second amount reduced of:

  1. 5% on local flights
  2. 7.5% on domestic flights
  3. 10% on international flights
There will also be the disadvantage of a boarding time longer between the outward and return equal to 4 times compared to the normal boarding time (e.g.: for national flights it is 40 minutes).

FAQ Round trip

Can I refuel between the outward and the return?
No, you must be sure that the fuel in your plane is sufficient for both flights.

Can I cancel the return flight?
Yes, in that case you will pay only the cancellation of the return flight, while the first one will be regularly cashed.

What happens if I cancel the outward flight or the aircraft is not eligible to complete it?
The return flight will be cancelled too, so you'll have to pay the penalty for both flights.

What happens to the aircraft if it is not eligible to complete the return flight?
The only return flight will be cancelled so you will have to pay only the relative penalty.

Round trip flight


Since today there are two different job times: the boarding (that was already implemented but that has been changed) and the landing. The boarding time is the one needed by the plane for permit people and goods to be loaded aboard. This time changes depending by the plane category and it's:

  1. 5 mins for Local
  2. 10 mins for National
  3. 15 mins for International
These times, for transfers, are reduced this way:
  1. 2 mins for Local
  2. 4 mins for National
  3. 6 mins for International
The landing time is, instead, the time needed by the plane for landing operations. This is not predictable but can vary from a bunch of seconds to a max of one minute.
This tweak is essential to let start some automations of the website.

Boarding and landing time


Pilots’ contract

Since today will be implemented the following changes about pilots: The pilot may have from a 1 to 5 pilot-years (51 days each year) long contract. Starting from last pilot-year of the contract (51 days before expiry) it will be possible to offer a contract renewal. The pilot will try to obtain a certain amount with a certain shelf-life, but it’s possible for you to counteroffer (he’s available to negotiate for a max of 4 times for a hired pilot and 6 times for a pilot coming from your academy. If all the proposals will be rejected the pilot won’t be disposed to negotiate with you and as the contract expires the pilot will be released from your airline. If the proposal will be accepted, the salary and the shelf-life of the contract will be updated according to it. The pilot expected salary and how much may be accepted as counteroffer are hidden parameters and vary from pilot to pilot according to pilot’s age. The longer the contract time you’ll propose to the pilot, the highest will be the expected weekly salary! This happens because you’re locking the salary for so much time! Basically (but it’s not always true) a pilot doesn’t want a salary lower than the previous!

Academy Pilots’ contract

Even when you hire a pilot you have to propose a contract with same renewal ways. Contracts for raised (academy) pilots Raised pilots automatically have a 5-pilot-years long contract with a basic salary. When they have to renew the contract, they will grant at most 6 renewal proposes. Furthermore they will have regard for you so they’ll generally ask you a 20% lower salary compared to normal renewals.

What’s new?

The salary increase due to skills or license improvements won’t happen anymore, but the pilot will consider them as the contract is expiring. It means that between the old and the new contract, according to skills/license improvement, the pilot would have an higher salary. To your company pilots contracts has been assigned a random shelf-life, considering:
  1. the 20% obtained a 1-pilot-year long contract
  2. the 20% obtained a 2-pilot-years long contract
  3. the 20% obtained a 3-pilot-years long contract
  4. the 20% obtained a 4-pilot-years long contract
  5. the 20% obtained a 5-pilot-years long contract
  6. All the pilots coming from your academy obtained a 5-pilot-years long contract since the day they have been promoted.

Academy and courses

The academy allows pilots to follow a course in a faster way. Normally a course is available every 250 hours on a plane, but with the new system every academy level gives a 2.5 hours discount. For example, a company having a level 10 academy needs to wait only 225 hours between one course and another.

Pilots’ contract – Academy Value


myAirline's Staff decided to introduce new models of planes:

  1. Fouga - Magister (cat. A)
  2. Lake Aircraft - LA4-200 (cat. B)
  3. Oma Sud - Skyca (cat. C)
  4. Cessna - Super Cargomaster (cat. D)
  5. Embraer - Lineage 1000 (cat. E)
  6. Antonov - AN-38 (cat. F)
  7. Fokker - F70 (cat. G)
  8. Boeing - B767-200ER (cat. H)
  9. Boeing - B777-300 (cat. J)

New Models


News since latest update
It is possible to increase depots production level .Higher is the increase level higher will be the amount of money required whereas maintenance costs will increase moderately. Each level will increase 10% base production and will be effective some hour/day. Maximum level reachable is 30.

Fuel production levels


Some fuel depots have been renamed, some have been added. Some of them will have more storing capacity, others such platforms, refineries, and oil wells will also produce fuel. For more information refer to the game rules.

Note: depot name change will not affect the storing capacity and maintenance costs of the existing ones.

As of today Premium players will be able to gather company's aircrafts into groups in order to ease their search within the operation and the fleet lists. In the "Preferences" section up to 10 groups can be created , werehas the corrisponding group can be assigned directly to the aircraft.

Fuel depot changes & Group


As of today it is established the Pilots Academy which purpose is to train new professionals to whom assign the command of your aircrafts. The Academy will generate weekly a new pilot that the Company will treat like all the other employees.

The Academy (like for buyers, mechanics and other professionals) will be structured in levels , from 0 through 50, that will affect the degree of competence (license degree and skills) of the pilots released. Academy levels can be increased investing a preset weekly amount ranging from € 5.000 to € 100.000. The amount invested will affect both the promotion speed and the maximum level reachable.

This chat explains how the amount of the investment will affect the level increase.

Investment Max level reachable Speed of level increase
€ 5.000/week 10 very slow
€ 10.000/week 20 slow
€ 20.000/settimana 30 average
€ 40.000/week 40 fast
€ 100.000/week 50 very fast

On weekly basis levels will increase a fraction automatically. Higher is the Academy level smaller the increase will be.

The amount of the weekly investment can be increased or decreased but in such case the Academy level will be immediately reduced to the maximum level reachable expected for the amount selected.

Example: Academy level 45, amount reduced from 100,000 to 40,000 €/week, Academy level automatically reduced to 40.


When the new pilot generated can be hired?
He can be hired any time within the week after the weekly update.

What happen if I don’t hire the new pilot within that week, can I hire two the next one ?
No, only one pilot per week is allowed.

Pilots Accademy


It is possible to enable the vacation mode that allow to freeze your Company for at least 15 days as long as you will decide its reactivation.

  1. weekly expenses will not be charged
  2. you will not allowed to access to your company game sections
  3. your Company will be not listed in the game rankings
  4. if you are member of an alliance your status will not effect in any way the alliance ranking
  5. Your pilots will not age
After 15 days the Company can be reactivated. At that moment it will be charged with one week expenses. Should you have a premium account the expiration date will not be modified by the time of inactivity elapsed.
In order to access to the section go on "Account" and then "Vacation mode"

The absolute ranking counting methid has been fixed and now includes also the alliance score.

Vacation mode


myAirline's Staff decided to introduce new models of planes:

  1. Evekton - SportStar MAX (cat. A)
  2. Cessna - 400 Corvalis (cat. B)
  3. Beriev - BE-103 (cat. C)
  4. Dornier - Do 28 B-1 (cat. D)
  5. Bombardier - Challenger CL-601-3A (cat. E)
  6. Fairchild Dornier - Do 328-130 Turboprop (cat. F)
  7. Grumman G-73T Mallard (cat. F)
  8. Fokker - VFW 614 (cat. G)
  9. ATR - 72-600 (cat. G)
  10. Boeing - B767-300ER (cat. H)
  11. Boeing - B737-900ER (cat. H)
  12. Airbus - A350 (cat. J)
  13. McDonnell Douglas - MD-11 (cat. J)
  14. Boeing - B777-200ER (cat. J)

New Models


As of today in the “Chat” section of myAirline ther will be the new “Message” feature with which all players will be able to exchange emails within the game. Moreover Alliance presidents and administrators will be allowed to send mailing lists to all their members. In order to send a message to a player do access to its company page and click on the “send a message” button.

Message section



The staff of myAirline is pleased to announce that were added 158 International airports:
Germany - Hamburg Intl - Dusseldorf Intl
France - Nice-Cote-D'azur Intl
United Kingdom - Birmingham Intl - Edinburgh Intl
Brazil - Brazilia Intl - Manaus Intl
Estonia - Tallinn Ulemiste Intl
Ireland - Shannon Intl
Luxembourg - Luxembourg Intl
Poland - Warsaw Okecie Intl
Albania - Tirana Intl
Bulgaria - Sofia Intl
Cyprus - Larnaca Intl
Croatia - Dubrovnik Intl
Spain - Bilbao Intl
Greece - Heraklion Intl
Hungary - Budapest Intl
Czech Republic - Prague Ruzyne Intl
Malta - Malta Intl
Romania - Bucharest Baneasa Intl
Turkey - Ankara Esenboga Intl
Slovakia - Bratislava Ivanca Intl
Solomon Islands - Honiara Henderson Intl
Papua New Guinea - Port Moresby Intl
Iceland - Reykjavik Intl
Canada - Edmonton Intl - Winnipeg Intl - Edmonton Muni Intl
Algeria - Alger Houuari Boumediene Intl
Benin - Cotonou Intl
Ivory Coast - Dabou Intl
Niger - Niamey Dioro Hamani Intl
Tunisia - Tunis Carthage Intl
Togo - Lome Tokoin Intl
South Africa - Durban Intl
Botswana - Gaborone Sir Seretse Khama Intl
Congo - Brazaville Maya Maya Intl
Burkina Faso - Ouagadougou (AD) Intl
Central African Republic - Bangui M'poko Intl
Cameroon - Douala Intl
Comoros - Moroni Hahaia Intl
Madagascar - Antananarivo Ivato Intl
Angola - Luanda 4 De Fevereiro Intl
Gabon - Libreville Leon M'ba Intl
Sao Tome - Sao Tome Intl
Mozambique - Maputo Intl
Chad - N'djamena Intl
Zimbabwe - Harare Intl
Lesotho - Maseru/Mejametalana Intl
Namibia - Windhoek Eros Intl
Mali - Bamako/Senou Intl
Canarie Isles - Las Palmas Gran Canaria Intl
Sierra Leone - Freetown/Lungi Intl
Morocco - Casablanca Anfa Intl
Senegal - Dakar Yoff Intl
Mauritanie - Nouakchott Intl
Guinea - Conakry Gbessia Intl
Ethiopia - Addis Ababa Intl
Burundi - Bujumbura Intl
Somalia - Mogadishu Intl
Djibouti - Djibouti Intl
Eritrea - Asmara Intl
Kenya - Mombasa Intl
Libya - Tripoli Mitiga Intl
Rwanda - Kigali Intl
Sudan - Khartoum Intl
Tanzania - Dar-es-Salaam Intl
Uganda - Entebbe Intl
Turks and Caicos Isles - Grand Turk Intl
Dominican Republic - Punta Cana Intl
Guatemala - Guatemala Intl
Honduras - Tegucigalpa Intl
Jamaica - Kingston Intl
Mexico - Acapulco Intl - Guadalajara Intl - Merida Intl - Cancun Intl
Nicaragua - Managua Intl
Panama - Panama City Intl
Costa Rica - Liberia Intl
Haiti - Port Au Prince Intl
Cuba - Havana Intl - Varadero Intl
Bahamas - Nassau Intl
Cook Isles - Avaru Rarotonga Is. Intl
Fiji - Suva Intl
Tonga - Tongatapu Intl
Kiribati - Tarawa Is. Intl
Samoa - Apia Intl
Polynesia - Tahiti Intl
Vanuatu - Port Villa Bauerfield Intl
New Caledonia - Noumea Magenta Intl
New Zealand - Christchurch Intl
Afghanistan - Kabul Intl
Bahrain - Bahrein Intl
Saudi Arabia - Dhahran Intl
United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi Intl - Dubai Intl
Oman - Muscat Seeb Intl
Pakistan - Islamabad Chaklala Intl
Syria - Damascus Intl
Qatar - Doha Intl
Yemen - Aden Intl
Alaska - Elmendorf AFB / Anchorage Intl - Fairbanks Intl
Marianas - Guam Anderson Intl
Hawaii - Honolulu Intl
Marshall Islands - Bucholz Kwajalein Intl
Argentina - Cordoba Intl - Comodoro Rivadavia Intl
Ecuador - Guayaquil Intl - Quito Intl
Paraguay - Asuncion Intl
Colombia - Cali Intl
Bolivia - La Paz Intl
France Guyana - Cayenne Intl
Peru - Lima-Callao Intl - Iquitos Intl
Uruguay - Montevideo Carrasco Intl
Venezuela - Caracas Simon Bolivar Intl
Barbados - Bridgetown Intl
Puerto Rico - San Juan Luis Munoz Marin Intl
Aruba - Oranjestad (Aruba) Reina Intl
Netherlands Antilles - Willemstad Curacoa Intl
Bermuda - Bermuda Intl
Azerbaijan - Baku Intl
Georgia - Tbilisi Intl
Ukraine - Kiev Borispol Intl
Belarus - Minsk Intl
India - Bangalore Intl
Sri Lanka - Colombo Bandaranaike Intl
Cambodia - Phnom Penh Intl
Lao - Vientiane Wattay Intl
Nepal - Kathmandu Intl
Maldives - Male Intl
Vietnam - Hanoi Noibai Intl - Ho Chi Minh Tansonnhat Intl
Myanmar - Yangon Intl
Indonesia - Bali Intl
Brunei - Brunei Int. Airport Intl
Malaysia - Kota Kinabalu Intl - Kuala Lumpar - Simpang Intl
Australia - Adelaide Intl - Perth Intl
Virgins Islands - St Thomas Intl
Russian Federation - Vladivostok Intl - St Petersburg Intl - Murmansk Intl - Novosibirsk Tolmachevo Intl - Sochi Intl - Volgograd Intl - Moscow Sheremetyevo Intl
Armenia - Yerevan Intl
Democratic Republic of Congo - Kinshasa Intl
Mongolia - Ulan Bator Intl
Taiwan - Kaohsiung Intl
Uzbekistan - Tashkent Yuzhny Intl

New International Airports