How to play

Increase the value of your company

Now that you have a general idea of how the world of myAirline works, it's time to think about how to grow your company.

Type of aircraft

Do you remember that earlier I said to buy possibly category A aircraft? The reason lies in the fact that in this way you avoid making mistakes in choosing commissions. Let me explain: let's imagine you have 4 different planes. Each time you select a commission you will have to take into account that it is a different aircraft each time and that therefore the type of commission you can choose will also be different. As long as there are few planes it is difficult to make mistakes, but when they start to be numerous it becomes very easy to make mistakes and therefore select errands that are not suitable for your plane. When this happens, at the end of the boarding time the flight is canceled (eg due to excessive load) and you will have to pay a penalty equal to double the commission. If you have all the same planes, it will be more difficult to make these kinds of mistakes.

How to grow your fleet

Newcomers always have doubts as to how they can best develop their fleet, and my answer is always the following: buy lots of small and inexpensive planes up to the maximum number that you can best manage without making mistakes. Once this is done, focus on the quality of your fleet by replacing older aircraft 1 to 1 with newer, higher class aircraft. The reason for this answer is simple: small planes earn more proportionally than large ones. This is because if, for example, a passenger pays € 100, two passengers pay € 150 and not 200. Furthermore, if I spend, for example, € 100,000 by buying many small planes, I can make more flights and earn more, compared to having only 1 larger plane which however does only one flight at a time. However, always remember that you have a maximum number of aircraft that can be purchased based on the number of seats in your hangars.

I would like more money, how do I do it?

In the game there is a virtual bank , the myAirBank . This bank will be ready to lend you virtual money at usurious rates. However, it may be useful to borrow sums (initially you can request a maximum of € 100,000) to immediately expand your fleet and grow faster.

Fuel deposits

As we have already said, as soon as you create your company you have a deposit of 1,000 liters. of fuel that you can buy from the market and use whenever you want. Alternatively, you can refuel from "ground" at any airport you are without using your depot. However, this has two types of disadvantages:

  1. The cost of boarding is higher than the cost you incur when refueling from depot.
  2. You are at the mercy of the current fuel price. In fact, in some periods the price will be particularly low, so stocking up is convenient.
To stock up on fuel you will need to purchase depots, which can be chosen in the Markets section


Even if you are just born, you should make an alliance with other companies. Choose an existing alliance (or if you prefer create one you will be the president of). If you are accepted, you will benefit from the hangars of your allies! Also together you will compete for the monthly ranking.


Categories of aircraft
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