What is myAirline?

myAirline is a FREE browser game with which you can manage your own airline and challenge all other users in particular rankings that will establish who is the best manager in the game!

Signing up

Registration is free and does not involve any mandatory payment.


You will be competing with other companies. The goal is to get big and rich.


If you wish, you can join other companies to form an alliance.


By purchasing a premium package (optional), you will enjoy a better gaming experience.

How do it work?

Hire a pilot

You can hire pilots and put them on contract. Better pilots will be able to fly bigger planes.

Buy an aircraft

You can buy a brand new plane or from the used market ... but be careful not to buy an old iron!

Buy fuel

Planes don't fly with tanks full of water, you have to buy some fuel and put it in!

Choose your flight

You are ready to choose the most profitable flight. But be careful, each aircraft has a maximum transportable load (passengers or cargo).

Compete with other users

Ogni participates in the national, international and world competition. Ottieni and trophy of the show in your virtual room.

Grow your company

Sell planes, buy bigger ones, hire new pilots and discover all the other mechanics of the game to become number 1.


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myAirline news

2022-09-26 14:24

Migliorate delle visualizzazioni, e una migliore navigazione negli smartphone. Per gli account premium si può cliccare sull'icona del fuel per fare il pieno senza ricaricare la pagina - Improved views, and better navigation on smartphones. For premium accounts you can click on the fuel icon to fill up without reloading the page - Vistas mejoradas y mejor navegación en teléfonos inteligentes. Para cuentas premium, puede hacer clic en el ícono de combustible para llenar sin recargar la página.

2022-02-09 16:09

myairline.org: Restyling marchi e loghi delle case produttrici - Restyling of the brands and logos of the manufacturers - Restyling de las marcas y logos de los fabricantes

2021-02-08 10:49

Una nuova versione di myAirline sta per arrivare... A new version of myAirline is coming ... Se acerca una nueva versión de myAirline ...


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