How to play

First steps to start playing

You have just signed up to myAirline and looking at your company home you will notice a nice sum: € 100,000 (virtual!) They may seem small for an airline's initial budget, but they are actually more than they seem. In fact, when you make purchases you can spend up to a liability of -200,000 €. Below we show you a guideline that will allow you to start playing.

Buy a plane

Go to the Markets section where you can choose to buy a new or used aircraft. To start with, you could choose to buy a used one, then go to Used Aircraft Market . This will open a page where you can see all the used aircraft that are on the market at the moment. The convenience of purchasing one of these aircraft lies in the fact that they cost less than new ones and that you don't have to wait for delivery time before you can use them! However, these aircraft may be very old, so their maintenance will cost and last as much as their flight hours . Initially settle for some old iron of category A and spend the money on the cashier by buying some small low-cost aircraft. Of course, you can also buy yourself a shiny new plane by going through the New Aircraft Market section. The choice is yours! To start with, buy a couple of planes, I suggest you get the same models because I'll tell you on the next page.

Now that you have bought your aircraft, you will be able to see them in the Fleet section of the Operational menu. The default view is Detailed View , which you can change to List View from the top menu for a tabular view.

Hire pilots

Unfortunately, your planes don't fly by themselves, so if you want to see them take to the skies of the world, you'll need to assign them a pilot. Since you've just created an airline, you don't have one at your disposal at the moment! Also through the Personal ” menu, access the Hire Pilot item. As if by magic, here are all the pilots looking for work available right now on the myAirline market. Hire as many pilots as there are your planes, paying attention to their characteristics. The higher the values are, the more capable the pilot is and can fly large aircraft. The features are:

  • Intelligence
  • Correctness
  • Determination
  • Concentration
  • Coolness

Buy fuel

Initially you have a Deposit of 1000 liters, but completely empty. But how to buy fuel? Simple .. go to the Markets section and access the Oil Market . From here you can finally buy the fuel! Its price varies every day . My advice is to spend your first money by filling the deposit with 1000 liters or you can choose to buy the fuel of your plane directly on the flights page.

Fly your planes

Now that you have the plane, the fuel and the pilot, you can take off your little gem. From the Operational menu click on Plan Flights . Next to each aircraft you will find the items: Assign Flight and Transfer . Go to assign flight!
From here you can see all the fees available from the airport where you are, which is initially your base . Choose the one you prefer while taking into account the maximum range of your aircraft (equal to: tank capacity / hourly_consumption * speed). But be careful, the calculated range is the maximum in favorable weather conditions. This value decreases as weather conditions worsen. Once the flight has been selected, if you have doubts about the choice you have just made, you can observe the characteristics of the flight for the entire duration of the Boarding (15min for commissioned flights) by going to Flight Details . If you made a mistake, you still have time to Cancel the Flight . When you do this you will be charged a flight cancellation fee equal to 1.5 times the chosen commission. If, on the other hand, the flight proceeds and is correctly completed, then you will immediately receive the established commission in your coffers.

Hangar, supply and demand

When you fly to a country, the commission value depends on that country's Demand and Offer percentage. So the higher the % of demand, the higher the commission value. If the country you are in has too low a % and you want to move part of your fleet to a country with a higher% you can buy hangars . Hangars have the same function as bases, ie you can deliver your planes directly there and you have lower maintenance times and costs . To see the% of the various countries go to the menu item Demand and Offer . The hangars, however, are not only used to move your fleet to the most profitable areas, but they can be useful for creating a network that allows you to return there within 10 hours prior to mandatory maintenance (which occurs every 100 hours of flight), in order to reduce the time and costs of maintenance . Furthermore, with hangars they are essential to determine the maximum number of aircraft that can be purchased. You can find out the number of hangar slots by going to Hangar via the Operational menu .


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