Fuel depots

Fuel depots will allow the storage of fuel purchased in bulk. Their location is unimportant (often is the fuel supplier providing the service), whereas it is important how much they will cost to your Airline ! As a matter of fact, besides the initial cost of purchase for the installation, they will be subjected to a weekly maintenance fee. Fuel depots will allow to fill-up your aircraft tanks saving on typical ramp refueling costs.

Some fuel depots will self-produce fuel according to their hourly production rate. Fuel produced during the 24 hours will be delivered in one single lot every day at 12:00 (server-time). Note: should your fuel depot be not spacious enough to contain all the fuel produced they will be topped-up and production will halt. When space will available again production will resume.
It is possible to increase depots production level .Higher is the increase level higher will be the amount of money required whereas maintenance costs will increase moderately. Each level will increase 10% base production and will be effective some hour/day. Maximum level reachable is 30.

Maintenance fee will be charged every Sunday night.