Flight assignment

The first important thing of game is the flight assignment. It is a function able to earn money. In the assignment section it will shown:
  1. A list with possible flights from airport and you can see a detail about the amount of commission. It could be a cargo or passengers flight. It is possible that selected aircraft cannot perform all the flight in the list!
  2. Destination airport. It is the destination airport of the flight
  3. Nautical miles (NM): is the distance between current position and destination airport. It is possible that your aircraft cannot perform all the distance leg shown in a list! You may not have enough fuel (ask to refuelling) or even with full tanks is just your aircraft that cannot cover the distance required.
ATTENTION: if you are in an airport different from aircraft category you cannot see any commission. You need to transfer the aircraft in correct airport category, for more info please see AIRPORT section.

Take Off

As soon as select a flight you need to wait boarding before take off. This time changes depending by the plane category and it's:
  1. 5 mins for Local
  2. 10 mins for National
  3. 15 mins for International
These times, for transfers, are reduced this way:
  1. 2 mins for Local
  2. 4 mins for National
  3. 6 mins for International
Is possible to cancel the flight during boarding while is active the countdown timer.
The landing time is, instead, the time needed by the plane for landing operations.

No executable flight

If you choose a flight that can not be executed, or your plane can not reach the distance required, or they can not carry the load (passengers or goods) requested, you have to pay a penal for compensation two time the amount as soon as the aircraft takeoff.

Flight cancelled

When assign flight to aircraft you have boarding time to cancel the flight otherwise you have to pay a penal for compensation one time and half the amount.

Flight delayed

When you assign a flight it will shown estimate time arrival. If there are bad weather conditions the flight can be delayed. So if your aircraft is in delay it will shown delayed at arrival. To know how impact the bad weather condition during the flight see the weather section.

Round trip flight

When you book a commission you'll have the chance (if any) to take over at once both the outward and return. Basically, round trip flights are available when in the second airport there is a flight that brings you back to the first airport. Clearly the fees for arrival will differ from those for the return, so the aircraft that you0re going to use has to be eligible to complete both flights.

When you book a round trip flight you have to do a discount to the customer. The amount of a commission earned from the round trip will be the sum of the first amount and the second amount reduced of:
  1. 5% on local flights
  2. 7.5% on domestic flights
  3. 10% on international flights
There will also be the disadvantage of a boarding time longer between the outward and return equal to 4 times compared to the normal boarding time (e.g.: for national flights it is 40 minutes).

FAQ Round trip

Can I refuel between the outward and the return?
No, you must be sure that the fuel in your plane is sufficient for both flights.

Can I cancel the return flight?
Yes, in that case you will pay only the cancellation of the return flight, while the first one will be regularly cashed.

What happens if I cancel the outward flight or the aircraft is not eligible to complete it?
The return flight will be cancelled too, so you'll have to pay the penalty for both flights.

What happens to the aircraft if it is not eligible to complete the return flight?
The only return flight will be cancelled so you will have to pay only the relative penalty.