Demand & Supply

Demand & Supply

Like in the most respectable economies also on myAirline the law of demand & supply rules. In some areas of the World there may be more service offered than in others, hence there will be more competition so that customers will have to be attracted by lower fares. On the contrary, in areas with lack of flights customers will be willing to pay much higher fares.

Demand percentage

The demand is assessed in percentage. It tells the Airline how much a customer is willing to pay for that service compared to its standard fare.
Practically, operating in a Nation with higher demand percentage will be much more profitable that flying around in a Country with a lower percentage rate.


For a standard percentage (100 %) revenue flight of 100 nm with 2 passengers the revenue is € 1000, so in a Nation where the demand is equal to 100% that flight will paid € 1000. The same revenue flight departing from an airport of a Nation showing a percentage of 50% will be paid € 500, whereas with a percentage of 150% that flight will be paid € 1.500.

Demand percentage assessment

A country demand percentage is updated daily on the basis of last three days air traffic. Calculation of such percentage will be based on the traffic serviced that Nation but also on the traffic of the related world area. That means that great differences of demand among Nations will be leveled to a percentage closer to the average of the percentage calculated for the same world area. Nation demand and supply percentages can be monitored in the dedicated section.