Aircraft purchase and technical specifications

Technical specifications will mark out the aircraft performances and eventually its tag price. Each aircraft model will be listed with the following specifications:
  1. Price tag
  2. Tank capacity
  3. Crew: number of crew members required besides the pilot
  4. Hourly consumption
  5. Cargo: maximum amount of freight allowed in Kgs.
  6. Passengers: maximum number of passengers allowed
  7. Speed: average speed in Kts
  8. Category: type of aircraft
  9. Manufacturing time: amount of waiting time before delivery
This are all the information you need to select the aircrafts more suitable to your needs. Upon your purchase you will be requested to specify the delivery point , whether in your Base or one of your hangars. Second hand aircrafts will be delivered at once ,whereas the new ones will require a variable manufacturing time prior delivery. The number of aircraft that can be purchased depends on the number of hangars you own. More information on the subject are available in the Hangars and Base section.

Sale of an aircraft

Aircraft can be sold at any time (with the exception when is aloft !). Sale price will be different than purchase price because, like other stuff, also aircrafts tend to depreciate with time and wear. Sale price will be affected by the following factors:
  1. Logged flight time: each hour of flight will increase wear of the aircraft parts.
  2. Number of sales: each transaction will reduce the aircraft value.
  3. Maintenance: Should an aircraft will require mandatory maintenance the cost of the operation will be deducted from its sale price. (See the “Maintenance” section for more information)
So, between two aircrafts of the same model with same amount of flight time will have a lower value the one previously sold an higher number times. Whereas between two aircrafts sold the same number of times will be the one with higher flight time that will be worth less.

The same aircraft once sold cannot be repurchased within the next 48 hours from the used aircraft market.