Hangar and base


Hangar are very important for airlines with numerous aircrafts which maintenance cost is particularly high. A hangar will make you save 50% on the maintenance cost and 50% on the time needed to complete it. This also holds for the base. In order to save money your aircraft must be in the same airport where you have the hangar or base. The hangar must be compatible with your aircraft. A hangar can contain only specific categories of aircrafts.
  1. Local airports hangar: can contain only local type aircrafts (category A, B, C or D).
  2. National airports hangar: can contain only national type aircrafts (category E, F and G).
  3. International airports hangar: can contain only international type aircrafts (category H and J).
This means that if you send a category C aircraft to a national airport hangar you can't use the discount on maintenance. Purchasing hangar in different airports all over the world is the strategy to have a good saving on maintenance. The base is the jack of all trades, can host any aircraft (from category A to J). At the base you will always get the discount.

Number of aircrafts

Any remarkable airline has appropriate facilities. It's impossible to buy an unlimited number of aircraft without having hangar first. Every bought hangar will allow you to have more aircrafts in your airline:
  1. Local hangar: will contain up to 4 new aircraft of local type (category A, B, C and D).
  2. National hangar: will contain up to 3 new aircraft of national type (category E, F and G).
  3. International hangar will contain up to 2 new aircraft of international type (category H and J).
  4. Base: by default a base will allow provide space for 5 local aircrafts, 3 national aircrafts and 1 international aircraft. For example if you have 2 local hangar + 1 national hangar and your default base (of course) you can have a maximum of 13 local aircrafts, 6 national aircrafts and 1 international aircraft.
If you are trying to purchase an aircraft without having enough facilities, it will be displayed a warning message suggesting to either buy a new hangar or sell an aircraft to free one slot. You can view the slots situation in the facilities section.


When you purchase a hangar you have to choose in which airport buy it. The hangar price is not the same for all the airports and it changes depending on the country. The smaller and fewer the airports a country has and the more expensive the hangar will be. The price is also deepening on the category of airport (local, national, international). A newly purchased hangar will not be immediately available, you will need to wait the construction time:
  1. 36 hours for a hangar in a local airport
  2. 72 hours in a national airport
  3. 120 hours in a international airport

Maintenance Hangar

As well as deposits, need maintenance too. Their weekly upkeep cost is 3% of their purchase price. The base does not have any upkeep cost. The payment of the weekly maintenance for hangar occurs on sunday night.


It's possible to enlarge a hangar to contain more aircrafts. You can add one slot at a time and every time the hangar enlargement will cost you more. When you enlarge a hangar it will be "under construction" for a certain amount of time. Expanding an hangar doesn't change its weekly upkeep cost. Under construction hangar (because of purchase or enlargement) will not be available until the delivery date. You can't use them to maintain or (if you need it) park new aircrafts.


The hangar selling price is half of its buying cost (adding every cost sustained for enlarging it). To sell an hangar you must have enough slots to contain all the aircraft of the hangar category even after its sale, otherwise the sale will be denied.

Change airbase

It is possible to change your airbase ("your account" > "change your airbase") but it has a cost:
  1. 200.000 if the new base is by a local type airport;
  2. 700.000 if the new base is by a national type airport;
  3. 5.000.000 if the new base is by a intercontinental airport.
By changing the base you will change the nationality of your airline! Note: you can change your base only in the first 7 days of each month.