Wind star

When you assign a flight to an airplane (transfer or commission)you will see a wind star that shows your destination's direction compared to the current position of your airplane.
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Flags and visits arrival time

When you assign a commission to an airplane, there will be shown a flag that shows if the airport has been visited or not (green or black flag). There's also a blue flag for airports of a completely visited nation. Arrival time will be shown for every flight (weather conditions will not be considered).

Destinations' colour

When you assign a flight to an airplane (transfer or commission) you will see the flight's line in different colours. White lines means that you can't assign that flight because of your airplane's capacity (When assigning a transfer this means that you can assign it). Green lines means that you can assign that flight. Orange lines means that you can assign that flight but you must pay attention because your airplane may not will be able to arrive because of the weather conditions (for transfers too). Red lines means that you can transport the charge but the destination is too far or you haven't enough fuel in the airplane (for transfers too).
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Destinations' order and filters

When you assign a commission to an airplane, you will be able to sort the list dynamically for all the items that you find in the column headers (nm, payment, etc.). You can also filter the flights showing only passengers' or only cargos.

Average takings for mile

When you assign a commission to an airplane you can show how much it makes you earn for each nm. In the €/nm column you'll see this average.

Sorting of airplanes lists

Both in the "Assign flight" and in the "Fleet" sections you can order your aircraft on the basis of various parameters: value, model,registration plate, category and flight hours. This ordering can be either ascending or descending.

Saving preferences

All the preferences for views can be stored and kept every time you log on myAirline. You can the decide once and for all how all the different lists avalaible should be.

Much more

The site and so the premium features are constantly changing, so many features are added with each update that you will find available in the game.