Glitch & Crash

When an aircraft will pass 100 flight hours after last maintenance, it will be able to fly. Anything will be able to happen. Indeed if an aircraft that has a mandatory maintenance in progress and you do flights, it will have the possibility that happen a glitch. This possibility will be more high more maintenance's hours come missed out. When you miss out more 100 maintenance's hours the glitch is guaranteed. For example an aircraft that must make a maintenance at 180 hours and you must fly it. At 181 hours there is a minimum possibility of a glitch but at 280 hours the glitch is guaranteed.

Glitch when the aircraft is flying

What happen if thereis a glitch when your palne is flying? Simple the aircraft can plummet! We think that there is a glitch in flight:here will enter the pilot's skill. If the pilot is so concentrated he will realize that there is a glitch and he takes back the aircraft. If he isn't concentrated he will be cold for making a crash landing. When there is a crash landing however will be subjected toa glitch! The price of the glicth will cahnge in function of the pilot's determination. More a pilot is determination and less are the glicth.

Faulty aircraft after a crash landing

A faulty aircraft can't fly until you repair it. If you sell your faulty aircraft it will lose like value the fix's price + 10% (so it isn't advisable to sell a faulty aircraft). if the faulty aircraft is in a base or in an hangar , this won't do reduce cost and fix's time.