Additional functionality

Airline's logo

Premium user can associateat his airline a logo. You can insert a lonk of your logo (pass for "Account" > "change your airline's logo") charged on image's hosting site (Photobucket o ImageShack). This logo will pop up in principal page of your airline.

Navigable miles

In the screen of assignment of flight , will come show the navigable miles of your aircraft. the miles' number indicate a range of values, to be more precise how much nm the aircraft will can do in favourable weather conditions until how much in unfavourable weather conditions. This values are calculed on the base of aircraft consumption and of the fuel consumption in his tank.

Plate's change

You will can change anytime a plate of your aircraft but respect tha character's number ( at most 6 ) and it can't be on another aircraft.

Distance's shrewd between airports

You will can access to an appropriate section where you will can calculate the distancw between two airports seen the route in an apposite map.

Friends' ranking

In the section of ranking you can create a fiends' list. Referring to other airline you will find the symbol + that let of add the airline in your favorite list. In such a manner you will can see only the ranking of your friends!

Choice aircraft's image

When you will buy a new aircraft you will can choise the aircraft's image among available image. it isn't possible do it for second-hand aircraft.