Overall monthly ranking

The best performing Airlines in the game will be awarded on monthly basis. The Airlines that will perform the highest combined score of the Company’s
  1. Worth increase
  2. Improvement of reliability
  3. Traffic increase
will be the best and reach the top of this ranking.

Scores are arranged by descending values, that means that if you score 1st in Company’s worth ranking, 2nd in flight points ranking and 7th in reliability your total score will be 1+2+7= 10 points.
Obviously the best score reachable will be 3 points (1st in all three rankings).

At the end of each month will be listed:
  1. The best world 3 Airlines
  2. The best 3 Airliners for each area of the world
  3. The best Airline of each Nation
The rankings will be compiled at midnight of the last day of the month and at the same time a new count for the next month will start. Should the Airlines have an even score, their financial worth score will prevail.
This ranking will be updated several time a day. For every award received the Airline will also receive a score which will be added in the game overall ranking.