Pilots Accademy

The Academy will generate weekly a new pilot that the Company will treat like all the other employees.

The Academy (like for buyers, mechanics and other professionals) will be structured in levels , from 0 through 50, that will affect the degree of competence (license degree and skills) of the pilots released. Academy levels can be increased investing a preset weekly amount ranging from € 5.000 to € 100.000. The amount invested will affect both the promotion speed and the maximum level reachable.

This chat explains how the amount of the investment will affect the level increase.

Investment Max level reachable Speed of level increase
€ 5.000/week 10 very slow
€ 10.000/week 20 slow
€ 20.000/settimana 30 average
€ 40.000/week 40 fast
€ 100.000/week 50 very fast

On weekly basis levels will increase a fraction automatically. Higher is the Academy level smaller the increase will be.

The amount of the weekly investment can be increased or decreased but in such case the Academy level will be immediately reduced to the maximum level reachable expected for the amount selected.

Example: Academy level 45, amount reduced from 100,000 to 40,000 €/week, Academy level automatically reduced to 40.

Academy and courses

The academy allows pilots to follow a course in a faster way. Normally a course is available every 250 hours on a plane, but with the new system every academy level gives a 2.5 hours discount. For example, a company having a level 10 academy needs to wait only 225 hours between one course and another.


When the new pilot generated can be hired?
He can be hired any time within the week after the weekly update.

What happen if I don’t hire the new pilot within that week, can I hire two the next one ?
No, only one pilot per week is allowed.